Covid Shield Vaccination


How CowinSlotAlert Works?

Steps #1 Register


Go to the Registration Page and Register on website to proceed.
Steps #2 Select Location

Select Location

After Logging in set Phone number, Location and Age Category
Steps #3 Receive Call

Receive Call

You will Receive Automated call when Vaccine is Available
After Receiving call Register on

After Receiving call

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Enter the Registration Details if not already done then Click on Schedule.
  3. Click Search By District then Select State and District then Search
  4. Search the center which is not booked and select it.
  5. Select appropriate time slot and Click Confirm.
  6. After booking of Slot Click on Unsubscribe / Receive the Call.


India Covid 19 vaccine drive is in full swing but due to vaccine shortage, a lot of people are not able to book their Covid vaccine slot. watch this video to understand how to book Covid vaccine using Cowin slot alert. You can get cowin slot notifications for Covaxin, covishield and Sputnik when the Covid 19 vaccine slot is available for booking. Covid 19 vaccine slot booking is also started in the rural area and people are facing issues to find vaccine there also, works for PAN India so people from different cities or rural areas can Subscribe to this service. After Successful registration, you will receive notifications over call disconnect the call and book the slot over

The expert suggests that the coronavirus vaccine is the only way to protect ourselves right now apart from using precautions like wearing a mask and frequently washing your hands. Take care of yourself and share the link with your loved ones and the people who need it.